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Since the Barcelona International AIDS Conference in 2000, the YouthForce has been widely hailed as pivotal in keeping youth issues at the forefront of the international HIV/AIDS agenda. At this year's IAC in Mexico, the YouthForce has another chance to empower youth, advocate for current and critical issues affecting youth worldwide and further pinpoint current strategies for effective change. Use this space to connect with other youth attending the conference and learn more about what you can do to help strengthen the voice of youth at the conference.

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Planning ahead: Q & A with Morillio Williams about setting up a youth hub in Suriname
Georgina Yidanpoa Caswell at August 8, 2008 | 8:17 AM
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Georgina Caswell, Youth Journalist with the Mexico Youth Force, interviewed Morillio Williams, Director MDG No. 6 for UN MDG Youth Ambassador Corps, about the development of a youth hub in Suriname.

G: Hi Morillio
M: Hello!

G: What is a youth hub?
M: Well, a youth hub is actually like having a small international AIDS conference with young people away from the conference. We plan to share and discuss knowledge from the conference with young people in Suriname. We will use sessions through web casting and involve young people in discussions about the issues. We’re using the living room at the Family Planning Association of Suriname called St. Lobi. We’re turning their lobby into an interactive space.

G: Who are these young peopl
The First Step Forward on the US Travel Restriction
LauraK at August 6, 2008 | 9:33 PM
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A week after President George W. Bush signed legislation repealing the travel restrictions placed on HIV-positive individuals visiting or immigrating into the United States Congresswoman Barbara Lee, from California, shared the process that concluded in the repeal with an audience at the XVII International AIDS Conference. The consequences of travel restrictions like those practiced by the United States, and still practiced by many other countries all over the world, were made clear during the question period. One man came forward to express the sense of betrayal felt by those forced out by the restrictions, he had personal experience as a US citizen living in Canada with a partner who is HIV-positive. He still loved his country, he told the panel, but he was ashamed and angry with his gov
Pause for Art
Daniel Yang at August 5, 2008 | 7:06 PM
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In 2006 I attended the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada. I remember walking through the Global Village and seeing an exhibition of photographs and artwork created by a group of Thai children infected with HIV. I remember three photographs in particular that were seared into my memory, consciousness, and action.

The first photograph was of a wooden table. The caption read, "my father's table." The second picture was of a clock. The caption read, "my father's clock." The third picture was of a refrigerator. The caption read, "my father's refrigerator." At the bottom of these photographs I found a simple statement, "missing my dad."

I stood in front of these photographs stunned. It took no effort to understand the full meaning of these images and
Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary – Gerenal step by Youth Pavillion
Víctor M. at August 5, 2008 | 2:08 PM
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Víctor M. Reñazco
Youth Journalist – Mexico YouthForce.

Mexico City, Mexico. While visiting Global Village the UN Secretary visited the Youth Pavillion to say hi to young people. This was the only booth he visited at the Global Village, and it was an honor to have him among us.

Ban Ki-Moon said to the youth adelgates “You are the leaders of this generation, the leaders of our world”, and he also encourage young poeple to continue working for young people affected and infected by HIV and AIDS. For young people living with HIV he said “Do not loose your hope, you will overcome this challenge”.

Joya Banerjee form the Mexico YouthForce said “even though he didn’t make a specific commitment to youth he has a lot of potential
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The Mexico Youth Force has created an online space for youth to submit their artwork on HIV/AIDS. Please login to submit your work. Remember to add your artwork to "Youth Fighting HIV/AIDS through Art"

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